Industrial Container Services

Reduce trash disposal expenses with our free recycling solutions.

Our free, onsite removal services are a great way to help protect the environment and
your bottom line by reducing the amount your company spends on trash disposal each year.
They are paid by the load based on current Fort Bend Recycling Scale pricing.

We currently offer two types of container services to assist with your cleanup efforts:

Roll-off Containers
Our roll-off containers vary in size to accommodate your project or facility needs, and can
hold between 10 to 40 cubic yards of scrap metal. To get started, simply contact us with
your selection and we’ll drop the container off at your location. When it’s full, we’ll pick it up
for processing at our facility and return it back to you.
If you need assistance in determining which capacity you need, please contact us at

Flatbed Trucks
For larger volume hauling and heavier debris, we also have flatbed trucks. Our experienced
professionals will consult with you at the job site, evaluate the worth of the materials you
need hauled and arrange for removal.

Free consultations can be scheduled by contacting us at 281.933.3600.